I have a full list of workshops that I provide, most of which I have listed below.  Offerings change seasonally.  Most presentations are 1 1/2 - 2 hours in length, unless noted otherwise.  We just finished our fall series and demand for our workshops is increasing!  

I am currently working on scheduling and will update event dates as soon as possible, so please check back often.  You may also email me with any questions you have.  Our workshops are designed to provide you with education, and some take-home tools that help improve your overall health and happiness.  

Please contact me if you are interested in hosting a group workshop in your home or business.

Please note, we will be expanding and changing some of our workshops to incorporate new teachings from a Functional Medicine Health perspective.  I am very excited to bring you these upcoming offerings so please be patient as I work diligently to incorporate them.

Current Workshops

Ayurvedic Workshops


Ayurvedic Tea Party

Come sample some chai, Tulsi (holy basil), and other Ayurvedic tea combinations that are supportive to our health and happiness. Includes a short discussion of what Ayurveda is and how it affects our health and happiness. Bring a friend and receive a free gift.

Chakras and Mantras 

Learn how the chakra centers in the body relate to our physical and mental health, and healing mantras for correcting imbalances. This is a 2 1/2 - 3 hour presentation 

Dinacharyna (Daily Routine) 

The art of the daily routine and the simple steps we can take each day to impact our overall health and happiness.

Elementary Aromatherapy

An introduction to the healing art of Aromatherapy. Come learn which scents are best for your dosha, and how this can impact your overall health and happiness.

Introduction to Ayurveda

Come and learn about the healing art of Ayurveda

Introduction to Ayurvedic Nutrition

This class isn't about carbs, fats, and proteins.  It is about how we can tailor our diet to meet the unique needs of our body.  It is the literal "what, where when and how" guide to eating.


What It Is and What It Can Do For You (samples and recipe included)

The Living Pulse

a basic introduction to Ayurvedic pulse analysis.

The Practice of Pranayama

Come learn different breath techniques and how to apply them for health and happiness.

Seasons Change And So Do We 

How to adjust your seasonal routine for health and happiness.

The Six Tastes of Ayurveda

Come meet the six taste (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, astringent) and how to incorporate these into your diet as it applies to your Ayurvedic constitution.

The Three Causes of Disease and the Three Pillars of Life

When we, or someone we love gets sick, we always question "why did this happen?"  Come learn the three root causes of disease and how to adapt Three Pillars of Life to promote healing, health and happiness

What's Your Dosha?

An introduction to the Five Elements and the Ayurvedic Dosha's

Yoga Nidra and Meditation 

These are both listed in the "Services" page under body therapies and instructional classes.

I do offer a free presentation that gives a basic understanding and overview of what they are, and their benefits.  But for a true practice of these healing therapies, it is best in a series of classes that are learned over a period of time, rather than a short, one-time session.  As a society, we have learned to multi-task, function in a constant state of stress, and many of us don't even realize it, or don't understand the tragic toll it is taking on our health.  I find this presentation helpful to groups that meet frequently (book club, supper clubs, ladies night out, bible studies, etc.), or small companies and corporations looking to improve the health of their employees

Healthy Workshops (non-Ayurveda)


Sleep Easy

Learn the importance of sleep - how it affects your health, and ways to improve the quality of your sleep.  Do you know what time to go to bed; what time to rise?  Do you understand the importance of nightly routines to improve the quality of your sleep?  Sleep plays such an important role in both our health and daily performance, so don't fall short of a good night's rest.

Eating for Energy

What would your life be like with an abundance of energy and vitality? Learn what foods are best to eat to increase your energy?

Weigh Less, Live More

Discover a safe way to drop pounds and feel satisfied. Explore weight loss problems in America. Learn why diets don’t work

Sugar Blues

Are you constantly craving sweets and want to understand why? Do you want to gain control without deprivation?

Superfoods, Super Health

Learn about superfoods and the role they play in dynamic health and protect against disease 

Prime Time Health Workshop Series (designed for adults in the prime of their life)

                              Living and thriving in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond!!

Open Your Internal Pharmacy

Make Health Your Hobby

Move Waste from your Waist

Live Without Pain and Inflammation

          Note: You may sign up for one workshop or the complete four part series)

Lean Start Workshop Series (designed for parents of young children)

                           Getting your kids off to a healthy start for optimal health and brain development!!

Traffic Light Eating

Breakfast and Grains

Veggies and Fruits

The Skinny of Fat

Protein and Play


          Note: This is offered as a 6-part series and can’t be taken individually